Continuous Provision in Y1

This Year we have extended our continuous provision approach from the Foundation Stage to Year 1. We believe that with an enabling environment and skillful intervention by adults who know them exceptionally well, children make the best progress.

Every day, children have two session where they access the provision of their own choice. Within this time the adults will be working with small groups on guided activities, reading 1:1 with individuals and getting involved in children’s play to move them forward in their knowledge, understanding and skills.

Focus Children

Once per term a child will be a ‘focus’ for the adults to spend additional time with, moving their learning forward and recording their progress. Prior to a child’s focus week we email home a form for parents to fill in about their child, offering time to ask any questions and tell us about what is happening in their life outside of school. We ask for parents to upload photos to Tapestry which are the basis of their child’s ‘show and tell’ during their focus week.

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